American Academy of Dermatology


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Project Summary

At the beginning of 2022, we have traveled all over the country to tell the stories of doctors who are making a difference in their community. They have been a great reminder of why we love our work and why it’s an honor to be entrusted with your stories.

I knew firefighters have a high rate of cardiovascular disease, but Peter’s cancer diagnosis got me wondering whether firefighters also have a higher risk for malignancies. Firefighters are among the best of us — they are kind, grateful, and literally enter burning buildings to save lives. I’m so happy I can help them.”

Since February, Key Ideas has traveled to Las Vegas, San Diego, Boston twice, and NYC to capture content for our new client, the American Academy of Dermatology. Our goal was to highlight the various social impact initiatives the academy and its members support. 

This work includes training community health workers in Southern California to spot melanomas, fully funding multiple Summer camps across the country for Children with rare skin conditions, purchasing shade structures and gifting them to non-profits all over the country, and diversity equity and inclusion work to mentor and recruit more people of color to become dermatologists. 

Dermatology is one of the least diverse specialties in all of medicine. Our videos were featured at their annual President’s Gala hosted by actor Charles (Chip) Esten from Whose Line is it Anyway?, Nashville, the Disney show Jesse, and Outer Banks.

This video we produced below is about a Boston Dermatologist who decided to offer free skin cancer screenings to Fire Fighters after losing her brother to cancer. The video was so well received they chose to share it at the general session in front of about 13,0000 dermatologists and industry partners.

I would've not gone to a dermatologist. Dr Kennler saved my life!