What is Mommy Lied to God?

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You’ll learn the characteristics of authentic storytelling with a dose of comic relief and how to apply them so your stories build trust with your audience. If you’re struggling with what to say, Carlos will show you how to simplify your message and clearly communicate the value you can offer people. I share lessons from my own experiences and some of the biggest clients I have worked over the past 18 years. My hope is by the end of the book you’ll not only have the tools to become a better storyteller you will be inspired to live a better story. That might sound cheesy but if it helps sell just one book it will have been worth it. 

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The Author

Carlos Maestas

CARLOS MAESTAS believes storytelling is the best way organizations and people can move others to action. He is the founder and chief storysmith at Key Ideas, a Texas-based firm that helps organizations sharpen and share their messages. Carlos has interviewed thousands of people in his career, and since Key Ideas was started in 2002, it has won multiple awards and received five Lone Star EMMY nominations. A stand-up comedian who once opened for Saturday Night Live alum Dennis Miller, Carlos also has an MBA and leads a workshop called Storytelling That Moves People across the US. Carlos lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife and three kids.

Professional Development

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There is nothing more powerful than your story. No matter your industry, you must effectively communicate your story in order to be competitive. Storytelling is an art and it takes practice, but we can help you get started. Our Founder and Chief Storysmith, Carlos Maestas, is ready to headline your next company retreat or Lunch and Learn with his talk, Storytelling that Moves People. Authentic storytelling, simplifying your message, and storytelling through video are a few topics covered in this 1-hour presentation or 4-hour workshop that aims to help you start taping in to equity of your story.

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