Disability SA and Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio


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Project Summary

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, but we have been busy with some of the most incredible projects we’ve produced. We are not slowing down even with the holiday season around the corner.

Impact San Antonio is a women-led, grant-making organization that annually awards various nonprofits with significant budget-making grants for special projects. They follow a collective model in which a $1,000 contribution of each member is pooled, allowing Impact San Antonio to award grants to deserving local agencies in $100,000 increments. Nonprofits in town have the chance to enter with grant proposals and are required to submit a video application that showcases the need that would be filled if they win.

This is where we come in. Two organizations tasked Key Ideas to help them tell their stories and present their dream projects to ImpactSA. Boys and Girls Clubs and dIsABILITYsa had incredible vision and needs that could happen if they won the $100,000! 

We took the challenge! Our team was able to film multiple interviews and scripted pieces, additional footage, gather archival photography, and finalize both videos (including revisions and ASL interpretation) by the deadline. We are proud of our work, honored to have been able to serve two incredible organizations in our city, and EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THEY BOTH WON IN THEIR RESPECTIVE CATEGORIES.We can’t wait to see the Mobile Changing Unit and the new gym once both projects are completed. Moments like these remind us of why we do the work we do, why we’re so passionate to tell your stories and why telling them is so important.